Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New Words

It seems like every day Ellie is picking up new words. It's getting harder to keep track of how many she has now, because she just pulls them out and uses them like she's known them forever, even if it's the first time we've heard them. Just now she brought over her bowl from breakfast and handed it to me saying, "bowl." Didn't know she knew that one....

And this weekend we drove down to Yellowstone. When we got there she told Leif "get out" about getting out of the car after the long drive. She also pointed to a waterfall and said, "waterfall" pretty clearly. Her words are getting longer.

Ellie can now identify by name and point to ears and eyes. She can also point to your mouth and nose, but I haven't heard her say those. She can also make a distinction between your eyes and glasses, or "glass" as she calls them. Usually this is something like grubby little fingers smearing on your glasses "glass!" and then the grubby little finger reaching under your glasses and poking you in the eye "eye!" - back and forth. Fuuuun. But it is fun to see her learning.

So let's see how well I can do at coming up with a "complete" list of Ellie words these days:
  1. hi
  2. yellow
  3. blue
  4. purple (this is very cute)
  5. green
  6. bye
  7. this
  8. that
  9. shoes
  10. no
  11. up
  12. down
  13. please
  14. thank you
  15. uh oh
  16. what is that (like one big word-phrase)
  17. whatcha doin'
  18. bowl
  19. juice
  20. water
  21. waterfall
  22. window
  23. door
  24. eye
  25. ear
  26. face
  27. diaper
  28. pants
  29. hot
  30. yum
  31. poop (her favorite word for a while)
  32. dog
  33. cat/kitty
  34. pig
  35. cookie
  36. cheese
  37. beep
  38. poke
  39. jump
  40. hot dog
  41. ouch
  42. wow
  43. peek-a-boo
  44. cock-a-doodle-do (which is much more like "doodle-do" or "cock-do-do")
  45. duck
  46. pretty
  47. banana (usually "nana")
  48. stinky ("tink")
  49. grass
  50. ball
  51. chair
  52. Roomba
  53. Daddy
  54. Mama
  55. Mommom (have heard #55-58 at least once in context without prompting)
  56. Robert
  57. Barbie
  58. Poppy
  59. Zack
  60. Lily
  61. flower
  62. zebra
  63. cracker
  64. fork
  65. book
  66. read (and "read book" or "read this")
  67. kiss
  68. yucky
  69. more
  70. yes
  71. yay
  72. hat
  73. glasses ("glass")
  74. bump / bop (it's sort of hard to tell which, but it's when she runs into something)
  75. tree
  76. dance
  77. cow
I'm sure there are more that I'm missing, but these are what I can remember off the top of my head. The list is getting longer. She's repeating more words every day, and using them on her own.

Here's an interesting development... she was just hanging onto my leg and whining, so I said "Hey Ellie, go bring me the elephant magnet." I didn't point or anything, just that. She scurried away, ran to the refrigerator, made an elephant noise, and returned to me with the elephant magnet. Well, I guess she understands more than I usually give her credit for. I'm impressed.


leifw said...

We're not sure if she really understands "pretty." She only seems to apply it to rivers and waterfalls so far; it could be that she thinks that "pretty" means moving water.

leifw said...

75. tree(s)

When we're hiking she repeats that often.

Jenn said...

How fun to see all the words she is using! I love this age of wonder and discovery!

mommom said...

Mommom wants to clarify that Ellie says Barbie not because she's playing with Barbie dolls, but because Barbie is a real LeTourneau student who is living with us that Ellie has met.

Christina said...

This is so wonderful. It will be so fun for us when Natali can start talking. Although, most people say don't yearn for that though, because of all the things they can say that you don't want them to say. :) But it still seems like fun.