Monday, October 22, 2007

15 Month Checkup

It's hard to believe that Eliana is 15 months old already. But she is. Today she had her 15 month checkup with Dr. Benda and everything looks good! Here are the stats:

height: 31 inches (75th percentile)
weight: 23 lbs 7 oz (55th percentile)
head circumference: 18 inches (50th percentile)

She has surpassed all of her milestones and is especially advanced on the language front, which is always nice to hear. The visit took longer than I expected (mostly just waiting in the room for the Dr. to come in) and I wasn't really prepared. I didn't bring in the diaper bag this time which meant that I didn't have toys, snacks, and juice to keep her occupied. Oops. All in all, though, it was fine. I was especially proud of how well she handled herself though FIVE shots today. A flu shot before the Dr. appointment, then four shots at the Dr. office. She cried through the shots (they hurt! I got one today, too) but was fine after that and even let me go to 3 places afterwards without causing a scene. I fully intended to give her Tylenol to help with the pain before we went to the appointment, but I forgot. And I forgot to give it to her when we got back to the car, too. I didn't remember until much later, and by that time she didn't seem to be bothered by her needle-poked legs, so I didn't give her any. She really is a good about shots, but that doesn't make them any more fun.

All in all our little girl is a healthy, happy 15 month old and we're happy to keep her that way! Though (and I forgot to mention)... she did get her first really noticeable toddler injury right before we left to go to the Dr. this afternoon. She was on the bed and lunged to get away from me and hit her face on the window sill behind the bed. So far we'd managed to keep her relatively bruise free, but this resulted in a scrape on her cheek and a black eye. Of course, right before we go see the Dr. But she was fine and after the initial crying was up and running around like nothing had happened.

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Christina said...

You're right - hard to believe she is 15 months! We are trying to figure out where the last 6 months of our lives have gone. Natali will be 6 months on the 27th. Wow.