Friday, October 19, 2007

Naughtiness, Silliness, and Hat Love

Ah... Blissful silence. That's what I thought to myself the other day. Until, that is, I realized that Ellie was not down for a nap and that blissful silence probably meant she was getting into trouble. Sure enough, I found her in my bedroom, sitting in the window sill, digging through my purse and playing with my credit cards. And this is the look of Ellie caught being naughty:

So we had a little conversation and it went something like this:

Mommy: "Ellie, are you doing something you're not supposed to?"
Ellie: "Yep."
Mommy: "Did Mommy catch you playing in her purse?"
Ellie: "Yep."
Mommy: "Should you put that back in Mommy's purse?"
Ellie: "Yep."
Mommy: "Can I have a kiss?"
Ellie: "No."
... and off she ran.

This, however, is a completely different sort of look for Ellie, but one she's been sporting lately. Mommy and Daddy's clothes on her head. Almost always from the dirty laundry, too. *sigh*

But when I ask her to put Daddy's shorts back in the laundry she says, "No." and runs out of the room giggling, trailing the shorts behind her.

The toy of choice yesterday, though, was this hat. Once she learned that she could see out the mesh top, there was no end to the fun.

She even abandoned the pair of shorts she had been playing with. Notice, though, that they aren't back in the laundry basket where they should be... Apparently the floor is a better place for clothes.

Seriously though... the headless hatter cracks me up. She ran around like this for a good half hour, giggling like crazy.

Oh look! There IS a head under there! Good... I was beginning to wonder...

So there you have it. The silliness that is my daughter.

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Angie said...

That girl is a NUT! :P