Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Fall Pictures

Yesterday on Leif's lunch break we went over to Bogert Park to shoot some more pictures in hope of a good family shot. In the name of preparedness, we brought things for Ellie to play with and snack on to keep her occupied. What we did not account for was that it would be hard to pry the goldfish cracker filled jack-o-lantern out of her little hands once we were ready to take the pictures. So quite a few of them have either a jack-o-lantern or Ellie's cracker-filled chipmunk cheek face in them. Oops. But we did get a couple that were good, and we did get some more cute candids of Ellie. And really... who can complain about that?


Jenn said...

Those are such fun pictures! I love the scarf! Such a diva!

Susan Beth Breuner said...

That photo of Ellie walking away with the scraf draped down her back is the greatest! Can't wait to see how you scrapbook that!