Saturday, October 06, 2007


Last week, Elizabeth took a trip with Ellie to a local farm and came back with various produce, an outing she still needs to blog about. In any event, Ellie picked up the word "apple" based on the bag of fruit that's been waiting in the kitchen for Elizabeth to process it. Tonight, when Elizabeth started coring and slicing, Ellie started helping by rummaging around in the bag. She managed to find the one green skinned apple in the bag and began eating it.

Neal Richter came over for dinner. He brought his homemade sourdough bread and we offered up our homemade chicken soup, which included homemade broth and onions from our "garden." Afterward Ellie decided to show off, including zipping around on her zebra.

It also included jumping on me while I was trying to take pictures.

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