Monday, October 22, 2007

First Shiner

Yesterday Ellie managed to whack her teeth on a window sill. It didn't really slow her down and she didn't show any damage. The window sill, however, does have two neat teeth marks.

Today, she hit the same window sill with her eye. At least now she has something to show for it.

The following is redundant with Elizabeth's post. Whoops. The child goes to bed and we go to blogging.

Today was also Ellie's first flu shot. Leif's employer was giving them away like Halloween candy. In fact, they were giving away candy, too. We made sure to get in line early to avoid the after school rush. A bunch of other parents with children under 3 years had the same idea. The family in front of us had a bunch of cry babies. Ellie was way tougher than that; she hardly hollered at all and stopped once we went outside to look at the trees.

Afterward, Elizabeth took Ellie to her 15-month checkup, which allowed for yet another first: today was the first time that Ellie received 5 shot in one day.


Anonymous said...

I love the flower ring. Those battle wounds look so familiar. Josh has a red scrape on his eyebrow currently. But this is the 4th facial mark since we decided to get his picture taken. Of course that hasn't happened yet.

Angie said...

Hey....I recognize that flower headband... Hehehe...