Tuesday, July 24, 2007


A couple years ago, our friends Tim and Nicole moved away from Bozeman. We've seen them only a couple times since they moved, so we were very excited when we heard that they were taking a roadtrip and heading out this way. We didn't have any exact plans with them, but knew that they were going to be in Bozeman sometime around the 19th of July. You need to know that information in order to understand why this next part of the story is so cool....

So Monday (the 16th) we were at Cliff Lake with my family. We left the lake around 8 so that we could make it back to Bozeman before dark. About a half hour down the road we are finally within cell phone range again and Leif's phone chirps to say he has a voicemail. He checks it, and the message is from Tim saying that they have indeed made it to Montana and that they are camping at Hebgen Lake with Nicole's family for the next few days. I looked out the window and realized that the giant lake we were driving past was Hebgen Lake. "Wait a minute... THAT'S Hebgen Lake!" At that EXACT moment, we were passing an RV campground and Leif said he wouldn't be surprised if they were there. So we turned around and drove into the campground and, sure enough, there was a Prius with Connecticut tags. The Yenters!!!

So... we had a nice visit with Tim and Nicole, Mike and Jenn, Andy, and Pat and John. Leif even got to go out water skiing (The Iversons are the ones who taught him how to water ski and I'm pretty sure the last time he got to go was with them... before we were dating 7 years ago!) and Ellie got her first ride in a motor boat. We ended up staying until about 10 (so much for getting home before dark!) so we didn't get home until almost midnight, but it was good.

We made plans with Tim and Nicole to go to Music on Main Thursday night. Clumsy Lovers was playing, so we planned to go anyway and it just made the evening all the more fun to have the company of the Yenters. We listened to music and caught up on everything. And they got to meet Ellie for the first time on this trip! About the only thing I can think of that would have made the evening more perfect is coffee and Euchre (or Settlers/Carcassonne/Entdecker). *Sigh* Good, good times. And just for the record, Tim and Nicole, we do miss you guys and you can feel free to move back to Bozeman any time now. =D It was great to see you.

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Jenn said...

It was fun to see you guys - glad you had fun too. You know, Mike and I are always up for some Settlers or Euchre! and we aren't on the other side of the country!