Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blue Angels in the Big Sky Air Show

This is the last of the airplane pictures, I promise!! The Blue Angels in the Big Sky air show is this weekend and yesterday we went to see it. We met up with friends for lunch at a park adjacent to the airport (as close as you can get without paying $20 a ticket!) and settled in to see the show. The first couple hours were sort of slow going, but we did get to see a C-130 Hercules (I think that's what this first plane is) and "Fat Albert" who flies with the Blue Angels. Then from about 3-4 pm the Blue Angels did their show. And even after seeing them practice for two days I have to say I was still glad we went over to the air show to see them perform. We could see more detail and it was definitely better close up. It was a good show. I'm glad we went. And I'm especially glad that we didn't have to pay $20 a ticket to do so.

C-130 Hercules

Fat Albert

The Blue Angels

The picture of the day and my favorite! I cut off the nose of the first plane, but was particularly excited to get this shot. I had a 55-200 lens on the camera and this was taken at 55! Can't get much better than that for a good close view of the Blue Angels.

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j arnst said...

Awesome pictures! Mom and Dad had to choose between Oshkosh and being here for the baby's due date... well they stayed all but Saturday. Dad finally got to land at the sea plane base! He was thrilled!