Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Birthday Party!!

Here's the birthday girl!! We had her party on Sunday afternoon. It was the 2nd hottest day on record ever for Belgrade at 105 degrees. We had the party at 4:00 in the afternoon, so at least we had some shade on the deck. We had 30 people there, including children. Despite the heat, we had a good time outside.

The kids played in a pop up train I found at a garage sale Saturday (perfect timing!!) and Ellie was THRILLED to have friends to play with! Here are Ellie and Zoe playing:

Poppy made a banner to fly behind his model plane for Ellie's birthday. It said "Happy Birthday Eliana". The wind started picking up and it looked like it was going to storm, so the banner had a short, but exciting flight. Then, sure enough, it rained and we moved everything inside, plus all 30 people, to continue the party.

Inside we had cupcakes and sugar cookies and homemade strawberry ice cream. Even though we practiced blowing out candles ahead of time, Ellie got a little gun shy with so many people watching her. But they sang "Happy Birthday" and she got her cupcake just the same.

At the end of the party Ellie opened some gifts from Grammee and Grandad. I'll post about her birthday gifts in another post, but here she is opening gifts with Daddy's help:

I'll post more about the gifts and other activities later, but Mommom and Poppy are still here and we have plans for this afternoon, so I leave you with this for now. Happy first birthday party, Ellie! We love you!


Jaime said...

She looks so big! And she's just as adorable and smiley. :-) Too cute!

Happy Birthday, Eliana!

J said...

Awesome!! Happy Birthday, Ellie!!