Friday, July 20, 2007

See-N-Say Fun

While the Bitikofers were here, Mommom bought Ellie a See-N-Say at Sacks for $0.75. This is Mommom and Ellie playing with it, and Ellie displaying her recent ability to identify and mimic animal sounds. Note how well she can say "meow" and "duck".

Relatedly, Ellie can identify ducks pretty much anywhere. She can find them in books and point to them when asked "Where's the duck?" and she will pick up her stuffed duck and say "duck" and give it a kiss, and today in the doctor's office she looked at a painting on the wall and said, "duck, duck" and sure enough it was a duck. Or a goose, but close enough I guess. She can also identify a dog or "daa" as she calls it, and she says "nay" when the horse whinnies on the See-N-Say, though I didn't get that on the video. We're pretty proud of our little girl's ability to mimic and identify animals and it gives us a good laugh when she does it on her own. It's cute. But the cutest is definitely when she tries to mimic a pig snorting. FUN-NY. I'll try to video that one when I can so I can share it, too. In the meantime, enjoy Ellie playing with her See-N-Say!

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Jaime said...

That was pretty cute! Her mouth is cute when it forms the "meow". Fun!