Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seasons of change...

... or lack thereof...

I am so ready for fall. Beautiful leaves, crisp air, hayrides, cute fall sweaters, pumpkins... This is what I long to see:

Beartooth Pass

Instead, we went from 90 degrees to snowing overnight and have stayed in a winter wonderland. I'm not ready for it yet! So I'm just going to keep reliving the drive we took up the Beartooth Pass a couple weekends ago.

We got to drive up, up, up to the highest point in MT, until we were driving above the clouds.

Beartooth Pass

It was really, really windy, but the drive was beautiful. The aspen and cottonwood trees were afire with their fall foliage and the peaks were beautiful.

Beartooth Pass

We had a nice mini-vacation, staying in Red Lodge at a hotel with a pool. Eliana thought that was great! We stayed in a hotel and ate at various local restaurants along the route. It was really nice.

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Susan Beth said...

Oh! I am so jealous that you got to have a little of "true fall." I keep hoping the snow will melt and we'll get a two week period of time to watch some yellow appear in the cottonwoods and aspens.