Saturday, October 17, 2009

Football Game

This morning a buddy called me to ask if I wanted to take the kids to the local college football game. That sounded like a perfectly reasonable excuse to get me and Ellie out of the house so Elizabeth could have some time to herself.

The game was really fun to watch. The game had a number of defensive goal line stands. The home team came from behind to take the game into overtime. In OT, they managed to pull ahead and stay ahead.

The kids, however, didn't find the game quite so interesting. Fortunately, the stadium has grassy, open areas by the corners of the end zones that the kids could play in. They had a blast running around on a sunny, warm, beautiful day. 9 days ago it was frigid and snowy. Conveniently, there was a little snow left in the shadow of the stadium that they could play with.

They also practiced tackling.

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