Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ellie Quotes

Every once in a while Eliana says things that just throw us for a loop. Sometimes they're rather insightful, demonstrating her thought process, and sometimes they're just plain funny. Here are a few recent quotes:

  • Last night Ellie was sitting at the piano, playing and singing. She was singing one of the verses she memorized last spring, and she was having trouble remembering exactly how the words went. She sang, "All we like sheep each to the way..." a few times before folding her arms and looking at me crossly. "That doesn't make sense, Mommy." she pouted. I informed her that the words were, "All we like sheep have gone astray..." when her face brightened and she turned back to the piano and kept singing. "Oh, okay!" she said cheerfully. Apparently, all she needed was the right set of words for it to make sense. =D

  • Later, Leif was playing with his new vacuum coffee pot when he realized he put the coffee in the wrong section. He made some disgruntled comment when Eliana turned around and said, "Daddy, don't argue with yourself."

  • We were watching PBS together yesterday when a new-ish cartoon came on that I'd never seen. I asked her what it was. Here's the conversation that followed:
    Me: "What's this show?"
    Eliana: "It's Dinosaur Train."
    Me: "Do you like Dinosaur Train?"
    Eliana: "I like dinosaurs. It's a show about dinosaurs. I like it."

    So there you have it: Ellie logic. She likes A. B is about A. Ergo, she likes B.

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Anonymous said...

How blest Great Grandpa is to see current pics with his great- granddaughter lovingly grinning at him! His prayer life cherishes FATHER and family hugs. Most happy Great-Grandpa!