Saturday, October 10, 2009

Museum of the Rockies

Ellie still loves going to the "Dinosaur Museum," our local Museum of the Rockies. (She used to pronounce it "newseum," so now, just to let us know that she's got it figured out, she distinctly enunciates museum.)

Last weekend I took her there to spend some time together. There are plenty of things to do at MoR. The greatest struggle is keeping up with her as she flits about.

She was very excited to put on a dinosaur costume.

Of course, the dinosaurs are her favorite.

Now that the children's play area is closed for what looks like a really cool remodeling, I think the prehistoric sea dioramas are her second favorite area after the dinosaurs.

We found out that they moved some of the children's toys to the basement, though, so we spent a while down there, too.


The Musician said...

Those dinos are rather creepy.

Elizabeth Wickland said...

I completely agree!! The dinosaurs themselves aren't too creepy, but the pictures Leif took are! I won't even look at the bug-eyed one because it creeps me out too much. *shudder*

Thank you for confirming my opinion to Leif.