Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You're Not Daddy...

This morning I heard Ellie knocking on her door and calling, "Daaaaaddy..." Leif usually lets Ellie out of her room in the morning and gets her milk. Today, however, she woke up after he'd already left for work. So I responded to her knocks and calls for Daddy. When I opened her door and said, "Good morning!" she looked at me and said...

"You're not Daddy."

and turned around and walked back towards her bed. When did my child develop such an attitude? Apparently I was not the way she wanted to start her day.

Right now she is sitting on the bed next to me, pretending Leif's mp3 player is a camera. She holds it up to her eye, says, "Camera!" then points to the little display panel and says, "Mommy!" as though she has just taken a picture of me and is reviewing it. It's true. My 20 month old is a member of the digital age and knows nothing else. She already knows how to turn her CD player on and off at will. She knows the TV and computer well. She knows that she watches a "show" on TV and "Clue's Clues" on the computer. (She has started doing the little double-handed "Blue's Clues" sign when she says it, too, which is hilarious.) Because I have been sick, she has watched more TV/videos than usual. She has asked for Blue's Clues about a dozen times already this morning and the last time I told her no, we weren't going to watch Blue's Clues, she ran over and turned on the TV! Thankfully she turned it off when I asked her to. And like any good, power-conserving child, she even turned it off at the power strip instead of just on the TV. That's our girl, ha ha!

Now we're off to find some activity to occupy us this morning, Ellie and her "not Daddy"! =D

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