Friday, March 28, 2008

Monkeying Around

A few days ago, Ellie was tearing around the house like a crazy.

Although she's cute, we needed a respite, so I asked her to play in her room for a while.

A while later I heard banging coming from Ellie's room. It wasn't the usual knocking to let us know that she wanted out. It was different and persistent, so I went to take a look. When I opened the door I saw Ellie on top of her dresser.

Her dresser stands about a head taller than she. I was impressed that she managed to shimmy up there.

As close as I can figure, she must've used her zebra to climb on top of the bin tower and then up to the dresser. However, I can't figure how she got from the zebra up to the bin tower, as the latter is quite lightweight and wobbly and should've tipped over if she tried to climb it.


Dave Dunkin said...

You should check her for bites from radioactive spiders.

Susan Beth said...

A story to share about climbing: One morning my sister and brother-in-law woke up to a very loud thud from their son's room. He was three,so there was some concern, especially since the thud was louder than a falling out of bed, and there was no crying afterward. They ran into the room to find him laying in the middle of the floor, away from all furniture, unconscious. He revived pretty quickly, and then explained that he had climbed the shelves at the end of his closet to the top shelf that span the entire length of the closet. He then, jumped out to fly like Superman - oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when they found him on the floor he was wearing his blanket tucked into the neck opening of his p.j. shirt. Later that day nephew called my mom and said:"Grandma! Don't jump out of the top of your closet!" End of story! Those climbers can be a handful!

Ivy Six-Pack said...

I love that you ran to get the camera before getting her down from the dresser...what a dedicated blogger!