Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Miss Cute Boots

The other morning I was met by this cute little sight:

Of course, when I tried to get a better picture, I was greeted by this response:

Followed by this response!

Do you see the utter destruction she leaves in her wake when she runs away? Yes, it's like having my own personal tornado to clean up after.

I never did get a good picture of her with her boots and PJs, so I finally gave up and got her dressed for the day. Around noon the boots made another debut, accompanied by her umbrella this time:

I only wish I had some puddles for her to jump in. That would have been perfect. I settled for watching her twirl gleefully in the living room instead. She loves her boots and umbrella.


Christina said...

It seems like she never stops!!! When does she nap? :) I think Natali has switched to 1 nap a day now instead of 2. Bummer. Oh well. Your little one is growing up! I love these umbrella pictures.

Anonymous said...

I love the boots with the stripped leggings. Mommom

The Scherms said...

ADORABLE!!! I love the boots and the PJ's picture!! If we have a girl I am going to have to get some of those cat boots!!