Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Eggs!!

Ellie had her first Easter egg dyeing experience on Saturday. She was really excited about it! For starters, we let her stand on a chair in the kitchen so she could see into the sink! That's pretty exciting for a toddler.

The eggs go into the dye!

She even got to choose which color we dyed next! Though we've been working on her colors, she preferred the point method...

After waiting a bit it was time for the eggs to come out of the dye! She was very excited to see the eggs a different color. It was exciting for both of us!

Her favorite part of the whole process, though, had to be getting to dump out the dye and watch it go down the drain. I don't know what it is about messes, but this kid loves them!

And here we have the final result... colored eggs! Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Ellie's shirt disappeared. What happened? Mommom

Angie said...

These are really good egg-dying pics. It looked like Ellie's first experience was fun!