Monday, February 05, 2007


I don't know how it happens, really. One minute I'm playing a nice, peaceful game of wii boxing with Leif, and the next I'm looking down at my bloodied thumb knuckles. I might have gotten a little into the game. I might have been a little over-exuberant in my game playing. Maybe. Apparently I gouged one thumb with the other while boxing. And you know what the worst part is? At the end of the game, my skill level is still ranked at ZERO while Leif's is 1127 - pro. That's sad. I gain nothing from my enthusiasm for the game except this little nick on my thumb. Sigh. I though I was safe by staying away from an REAL athletic endeavors, but it seems that the virtual sports are just as dangerous.


Colt said...

Lol, good old Nintendo! Gives a new meaning to "Nintendo Thumb".

Angie said...

Girl that is crackin' me up! I'm going to have to tell Jade & Chris about this...they are all about some Wii! Sorry you hurt yourself, though! :(