Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What did you do today, Eliana?

"I fed myself some banana..."

(This is the first time Eliana has ever fed herself,
and the first time she ate something that wasn't pureed.)

"I played with my table standing up..."

"I played with my keys..."

"I cried just a little when I wanted to be held..."

(This picture is for those of you who don't think she ever cries -
- she does on occasion.)

"... and then I played with my doll."


Anonymous said...

that "i'm crying" picture is priceless. just LOOK at that bottom lip.... she's gonna have a GOOD pout (probably already does?)! :) - tam

Jaime said...

What a sweet summary of her day. :-) Okay, so she does really cry. But, she's still cute even when she's crying! :-)