Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow is great

... until you have to shovel 6 inches off the driveway in order to get your car out, and then the garage door freezes in the 'up' position because it took you so long to shovel. At least it was the nice, fluffy snow that doesn't kill your back to shovel.

I can't complain, though, because in the almost four years we've lived here, guess how many times I've had to shovel the drive? Including today, TWICE. Yeah, Leif takes care of me. Thanks, hon!


leifw said...

Yeah, and you wouldn't have had to shovel at all if you would've taken the Taurus.

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Yeah, but after getting stuck in the snow and sliding around in the Taurus last night, I was happy to take the Prius today. Looooove the Prius.

leifw said...

Yeah, I should've said that differently. Elizabeth likes driving the Prius so much better than the Taurus that she'll shovel out the half of the driveway I left undone so that she can get the Prius out of the garage.