Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I just have to brag on Leif for a moment. You see, Leif won an award at work. They only honored three people in the whole international company, and Leif was one of them. He won the Q4 Company Award for Innovation / Bootstrapping, including a plaque and a bonus. Here's the writeup they sent to all the employees:

Innovation/Bootstrapper—Leif Wickland, Product Development in Bozeman

Leif saw a need and used available hardware and personal initiative to find a solution. This solution has saved countless hours in development by allowing people to avoid updates at potentially toxic times and providing an up-to-date build for server side developers to use. Leif set up and installed a continuous building integrations server on his own computer using CruiseControl.NET. The server basically checks out and building the code continuously and provides tools and reports for showing the state of the most recent build and who checked in between builds.
I'm pretty proud of him. He does what he does because he wants things to be better, more efficient. He wasn't looking for recognition when he implemented this solution - he just knew there had to be a better way to do what they were doing. I love that about him and I just wanted to share.

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