Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Toys, Naps, and Tears

Today we stayed home. For the first time Ellie stretched her feedings from 3 hours to 4. Dr. Benda said she'd be ready to stretch them out any time here, so today I didn't wake her up for each feeding, just let her wake up on her own.
I also drank plenty of water today, something I struggle to do. I've been aiming to drink 2 liters of water each day, but averaging about 1-1.5 liters. I told the Dr. my goal was to drink 2 liters a day and he said that's a good place to start. Basically, 2 liters is the MINIMUM I should be drinking! Ack! So... today I drank water any time I thought of it and just kept refilling my water bottle. I ended up drinking 5 liters of water today. Sheesh! Anyway- I got Ellie a mirror for her crib when I was at Target yesterday. It also stands up on its own. I put Ellie on the floor and let her play with it today - she seemed interested in the baby in the mirror. She kept grabbing at the mirror, like she was trying to get hold of the hand she saw. I don't know what was really going on in her head, but she seemed to like the toy and interact with it.
Ellie was in a better mood today, but still not her smiling, chipper self. I tried to take some pictures of her in a pretty dress, but she wasn't interested. Not one smile to be had. Here's a summary of the photo session...

I don't want my picture taken, Mommy.

Will you smile for Mommy, Ellie?

This is all I can muster for a smile - take it or leave it!


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Angie said...

is it 27 or 28? I can't remember if you're a little younger or a little older than me.

Elizabeth Wickland said...

27 - I think I'm younger. =)