Monday, September 04, 2006


We've known since before Eliana was born that she'd be stubborn, and she is. She gets so determined to do something and tries and tries and tries. She gets pretty frustrated, but in the end she usually does whatever it is she was trying to do. In this case, it was grab hold of "Mr. Crab" the rattle. The original video was 6 minutes long, so I edited it down for the blog, but she focused on this silly rattle for 6 minutes straight. Does she finally get it? You'll have to watch and see. ;)


J said...

Awesome, she is totally laying on the blanket we got ya'll!!! :-) Also, I am going to be an aunt - The Boy and Christina are pregnant!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

WOOHOOO!!! I am so excited for them and for you! And yes, that is the blanket you guys gave us - we use it often!