Friday, September 15, 2006

ten and a half

That's how many hours Eliana slept last night. It's the second night in a row she's gone that long. Wonderful! It's great to have that extra time in the evening to get stuff done or spend time with Leif (or just go to bed early!) without having one more feeding to stay up for.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun at the farm. I had no idea it was there! We will definitely be going back - it's a u-pick farm with good prices. Last night we had corn on the cob for dinner - and I picked it myself! $2 for a dozen - not too bad. I also got some squash (acorn and butternut) to make baby food with. I'll make it (maybe today) and freeze it so Ellie will have squash to eat in 4 months, when she starts on solids. Rocky Creek Farm isn't certified organic, but he doesn't use any pesticides or herbicides, so I feel good about that. And since we're getting the produce in season it's better quality than the stuff that gets shipped across the country to the grocery store. It's funny how I'm much more concerned about the food Eliana will be eating than I am about what I eat. We're shelling out for organic milk for me to drink as long as I'm nursing Ellie so that she doesn't consume the added growth hormones . It does mean that I have to drink 1% instead of skim, but it's not too bad. I was sort of afraid it would taste funny. I tried soy milk once and it was gross. Same for the rice dream stuff. Ick. But this is good.

Well, hopefully Fall is here. I've been waiting for it and we're supposed to get snow tonight. Yippee! Our first frost was on Sept 1st but we haven't had any snow yet. My birthday is next week and there's often snow on the ground for it. I thought it was weird the first year (being from Texas and all...) but now I like it and hope the weather cooperates! I'm ready for Fall!!!

Well, I've got an hour until my little one wakes up, so I'm off to get some things done!

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Becca said...

I love organic milk because it keeps FOREVER! Maybe it doesn't seem like a desirable quality in milk, but when you're single, you take what you can get! I thought it would taste weird, too, but it really doesn't.