Thursday, September 07, 2006

that's life

It is both good and strange to be at the same stage in life as our friends. Sam, Catherine, and their 8 month old son Tjabe came over for dinner tonight. Normally, when we'd get together with Sam and Catherine, we'd have dinner, talk, and play cards or a game until late. Tonight we had dinner, played with the babies, toured the basement, and it was all over around 8:30 - Tjabe's bedtime. It's just kind of strange how quickly things change. And yet, it's really good to be at the same station in life as our friends. We see what Ellie will be doing in a few months, they reminisce about when their kids were that small, we share stories, tips on cloth diapering and homemade baby food, and we share a little conversation about non-baby related things. But mostly we rejoice with eachother about the children God has given us. Funny, though. Last summer we were on vacation in Alaska with Sam and Catherine. Now we talk about diapers and drool and part company before it's even 9pm. Yep, things have changed. Life tends to revolve around naps and bedtime. Catherine asked tonight what my days were like. Essentially, my answer was, "Ellie wakes up from naps at 7,10,1,4,7, and 10. I feed her, we play, and she naps again." Leif half-jokingly commented that at first I had Ellie on a schedule, and now she's got me on one. And it's the same story with so many of our friends here in Bozeman. Kids, naps, diapers, walks, drool, smiles, and bedtime. That's life.


dana said...

we go over to the forringers to play bridge and we just put our kids (all six combined) down to sleep and we stay till midnight sometimes! :)

Elizabeth Wickland said...

That sounds like fun!

Jaime said...

I totally understand what you mean. Sometimes it makes me sad that things will never be the same, but this is the chapter in our lives that I want to be in! But, it is a bit bittersweet, too. But, like Dana said, kids can sleep while you stay up late...although it still takes more equipment, time, planning and crossing your fingers that they'll actually sleep! :-)