Monday, August 28, 2006

Garage Sale Finds

On Saturday I went garage sale-ing and I found a few fun finds I thought I'd share. =) I found quite a few children's books, but aside from that I found clothes for next summer. I thought this outfit was absolutely adorable and it was in perfect condition - didn't even look like it had been worn! I love the little matching shoes!

I also ran across a garage sale that was giving away little girls' clothes for FREE! They were size newborn through 4T. I thought at first that they might be in really poor condition, but they weren't! So I pilfered through the offerings and came home with a box full of 17 outfits or items for FREE! It was a good deal. =)

My really exciting find was this child carrier backback by Kelty. First, you rarely find these at garage sales in this area. It's like finding a Subaru for cheap. You just don't. We've been looking at buying a new one for next summer so we can go hiking with Eliana. New ones run about $100-$150. I got this one for $15. Woohoo!!!


Jaime said...

WHOO HOO HOO HOO! What great finds! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

great deals! love that little outfit and I can TOTALLY see you guys loading Eliana up into that pack next spring/summer/fall! too fun! - tam