Friday, August 18, 2006

Daily Life

Eliana will be a month old tomorrow and things are going wonderfully. She is consistently sleeping through the night 7-8 hours. During the day she follows a 3 hour schedule as outlined in Babywise. It's fun to watch her starting to change. She's getting chubbier and she's definitely getting stronger. She pushes against things with her feet, rolls over onto her back from her stomach, lifts her head, and has started to follow objects with her eyes. She is such a delight to have in our home, even on days that she's fussy. Here are some pictures of daily life:

Morning snuggle time with Mommy

Feed the kitties

Wake Time

Nap Time

Play Time

Swing Time


Angie said...

These pictures are looks like ya'll are settling into your new life quite nicely. (I love how Ellie's eyes are wide open in her nap time pic!)

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Yeah, someone doesn't exactly fall asleep right away. =)

nicole said...

I noticed that "swing time" should be called "nap time" and "nap time" should be called "not sleeping time?"

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Yeah, the swing kind of puts her to sleep. She really DOES sleep during nap time, though - I just don't take pictures of her while she's doing it. =) She's much cuter when she wakes up!

Anonymous said...

i am amazed. sleeping through the night already? let's just say that i have a LOT of new mom friends who would totally HATE you right now. one has a 9-month old who doesn't sleep through the night. several have 4 months olds. yep. i'm totally talking with you when we have a baby!! :) your advice will be SOUGHT OUT! - tam

Jaime said...

We used Babywise, too, and it worked great! Both boys were sleeping 9-10 hour stretches by 3 months and taking great naps! (Nap time=free time for Mommy...or nap time for Mommy...)

At 2 and 4, they both still sleep great and we're not up with kids who think it's play time or whatever.

I don't like everything in Babywise (I don't think I've ever met anyone who did), but it had some great ideas for training babies to sleep.

Yeah for Ellie! (And yeah for Mom and Dad!)