Saturday, August 12, 2006

The church, the blender, and the fan.

We took Ellie to church for the first time tonight. We attend the Saturday service at E-Free because it is a smaller service where we can actually get to know the people we are worshipping with. The Sunday services are fine, but they're a little bigger than we like. Anyway- we took Ellie to church tonight and afterwards we had several people come over to ooh and aah over her. It was nice to feel like we were part of a community of people who we knew and who were interested in what was going on with us. I'm looking forward to the Fall when we go back to our earlier meeting time and we have fellowship dinners after each service. It's much nicer to have that time carved out for visiting and fellowshipping and meeting new people.

Speaking of food, we got a new blender today. That might not sound so wonderful to you, but if you knew the sad, sad state of our other blender... Leif is inaugurating the new blender by making "frappuccino" as I type. Mmmm...

As it's been so hot lately, we've been trying to buy a new box fan. We checked all the stores: Walmart, Target, Kmart - they were all out of stock on fans. But today, today was a chilly, rainy day. And Walmart had fans in stock. So we bought one for those future hot days when we want another fan. Now we're guaranteed to have cold weather until 2008. Great.

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