Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bite of Bozeman

We went to the Bite tonight and it was a lot of fun. Ellie slept in the sling the whole time, even through the half dozen times we opened it up and resituated her to show her off to friends we ran into. There weren't as many people this year as we remembered from previous years, but I wasn't complaining about a smaller crowd to wade through. I was just glad we decided on the sling instead of a stroller. And I pitied the poor woman I saw trying to maneuver a double stroller with twin infants through the crowd.

The food, as usual, was great. We always go for the turkey leg (a giant chunk o' greasy, salty turkey drumstick that is only available twice a year - here and at the Christmas Stroll.) and we managed to get one when the line was only about a dozen people long. We walked by later and the line was more like a dozen yards long... Lines can get hideous at these events. Anyway- so there was the turkey leg we shared, then Leif had some cajun crawdad etoufee (which I tried and found utterly repulsive) and I had a Greek gyros from a place we have recently wanted to eat at. It certainly wasn't "It's Greek to Me" (our favorite Bozeman Greek place), but it was good and something I would definitely eat again.

We saw a few people we knew, though not as many as in previous years. We ran into one of the families I taught at Petra (they go to ALL the Bozeman events and I think we've seen them at every one... I anticipate seeing them this weekend at Sweet Pea) and a number of Leif's coworkers, including Neal and Stephanie, who are also our neighbors. We planned on meeting up with them at the Bite, but didn't actually find them until we were just about ready to leave. Go figure. Anyway- it was a great evening and I'm glad we went. It's great to live in Bozeman.

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