Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ahh, sweet reprieve

After weeks of temperatures in the upper 90's, we finally got a reprieve yesterday. It was a beautiful day in the 70's. Ellie and I were actually able to go for a walk during the day! We strolled down to get the mail, then headed on to the lake. There was a beautiful bird (I wish I knew what kind) circling above the lake - then he flew up high, and dove straight down into the water. A moment later he bobbed back up and then flew back into the sky, a large fish in his talons. I love watching the birds here, particularly the birds of prey. It makes me happy to live in Montana.

Last night Ellie attended her first craft night. She was fighting going to sleep, so she was kind of cranky, but I did manage to get at least a little knitting done. Plus I got to go to craft night - they're every other week and I managed not to miss one, despite having a baby between them. =) I'm not sure if that's dedication or insanity, but it was nice to get out.

This morning I got up, got ready, and took Eliana to our first La Leche League meeting. My friend Michael helps run them and mentioned last night at craft night that they were having a meeting today. So, I decided to go and get out, maybe meet some new people. It was a nice meeting, and I'll probably go back next month. There was another baby there who was just 3 days older than Eliana. I thought she was older though - she was considerably bigger with a full head of long, thick hair. Then I found out she was 8 lb 14 oz at birth. Once again I was thankful for my little 6 lb 12 oz girl.

Now that my parents are gone, I'm working on settling myself into a routine again. It's amazing how much time Ellie takes up, despite the fact that she sleeps a good chunk of the day. Everything needs to get done during the 2 1/2 hours between feedings, including cleaning, playing with her, napping, laundry (and BOY does she create a lot of laundry between diapers and clothes and burp cloths...), etc. I'm getting the house back in order, but slowly. And that's okay. I have something that takes a higher priority than dishes and vacuuming right now. =)

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