Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ellie sometimes has a problem distinguishing between her "th" and "f" sounds, so we've been working with her to try to get her to pronounce them clearly. Often this makes for a funny combination, like when she says "three" and tries to pronounce the "th" clearly, but then just tacks on the "free" like she normally says it.

We've also noticed that she has difficulty making a "3" with her fingers. She tries to do it the way we do it (by holding the pinky down with the thumb) and concentrates very hard before giving up and doing it "her" way. "Her" way consists of holding her ring finger down with her thumb. It wasn't until I was looking through pictures from the park the other day that I realized Zoe has her own way of making a "3" too. I asked them to hold up 3 fingers since they're both 3, and this is what I got:

Ellie and Zoe Playing at the Park

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