Friday, August 14, 2009


Eggs have long been one of Ellie's favorite foods. Lately she's been leaving some portion of the egg on her plate. Tonight she finally articulated why; she told me that she didn't like the yellow part. Sure enough, she'd eaten everything but the yolks of the two eggs I'd made her. I made her a second batch of eggs, 3 whites, which she's scarfing down all of as I type.

Of course, I find this sort of amusing because I don't like yolks either. I'd been feeding them to her because (a) I thought she liked them and (b) she could use the extra fat.

Update: Elizabeth tells me that while they were at the family reunion in Kansas eating hard boiled eggs, Ellie told her that she didn't like like the yellow part.


Kathleen said...

If she's hungry enough and thinks they're cheesy eggs she eats them :-)

Dave Dunkin said...

I have high cholesterol, so for me it's also "whites only."