Sunday, August 02, 2009

3 Years Old

See this girl?


She's 3. She turned 3 while we were in Texas, so we had a little birthday party for her down there. (She had one here before we left, but I suppose I'll have to post those pictures separately.) She had some friends over, namely Josh and James, Alyse, Alexa, and Allie. My friends Charlotte (the girls' mom), Michelle (the boys' mom), and Angie came over, too. The kids had a great time, and even tried to see just how many 3 year olds could fit into a teeny baby pool! They also ran through the sprinkler...

Texas July 2009


Uncle Robert made very yummy casein-free (milk free) chocolate cupcakes for everyone and Eliana was very excited to get to blow out her candles (since she didn't have any candles at her first party). The downside to having an outdoor party in Texas in July in the middle of the afternoon, though, is that after the candles were blown out and set aside, THEY MELTED! Right there on the table! It was hot...



The kids didn't seem to mind the heat too much, though, and Eliana had fun opening her presents. She got a Memory Game, some 3D sidewalk chalk, fuzzy pictures to color, a doll baby with accessories, some cookie cutters, and an apron and baking set, and several dresses. And she got a musical card from Mommom and Poppy that we are STILL listening to. ;) (Good thing it's cute...)



So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eliana! We wish you a wonderful year!

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