Friday, March 13, 2009

Stalling Tactics

Eliana doesn't really like going to bed. A few days ago she was up to her usual stalling antics, and she went through the usual routine.

"I need you to snuggle with me."
"I need a drink."
"I need something to eat."
"I need to give you a kiss and a squeezy hug."
"I need to tell you, 'I love you; see you in the morning'."

After none of those stalling tactics worked and I left her in her darkened room, in bed, she ramped up her game. From the living room I could hear her calling...

"I forgot to tell you something!! I forgot to tell you something!!"

I went in to see what she was so desperate to tell me. She just started rambling about nothing in general, trying to keep me in her room with her.

"Goodnight, Eliana," I interrupted, "You can tell me your story in the morning. I love you."

And back to the living room I went. A few moments passed before her next idea hit her...

"Mommy! Mommy! Come quickly!"

I ignored her. She got more desperate.

"Mommy! Mommy! Come quickly! Come quickly! Ellie's afraid of her pajamas!!!"

She managed to say this with such desperation that if I hadn't known she was stalling I might have believed her. After a few more ignored pleas I was greeted by a little girl grinning in the living room, footie pajamas fully unzipped. I zipped up her pajamas, she got in trouble for getting out of bed, and I tucked her back in.

That was all I heard of her that evening, and she fell asleep just fine.

But really, when did her stalling tactics get so sophisticated? If she's doing this at 2, what do I have to look forward to when she's 7 and doesn't want to go to bed?


Kristen said...

I agree. Cassia is just starting with the stalling tactics. She's not quite as creative yet as Ellie, but I know it's coming. Parenting is never boring, and that's with just one!

The Musician said...

Afraid of her pj's?! I've been around kids for awhile but that's the first I heard of being afraid of pj's! LOL. Subtle Ellie.