Sunday, March 01, 2009

Plunger Hat

Plunger Hat!

I came home from Walmart yesterday with a plunger. Immediately, Eliana picked it up, put it on her head, and told me, "Look! This is like a hat!" She was very silly about it and wore it around for a few minutes. Then, something crazy happened - she actually posed for a picture. This picture:

Plunger Hat!

It's not the best picture by any means, but she DID want her picture taken, and she DID stand still while I took it. Then she wanted to see it on the camera. She was very proud of her hat.

Plunger Hat!

She was so proud of her hat, in fact, that she didn't want to take it off. She didn't want to put it away, especially after Daddy explained that once we put it away she could never play with it again. I listened to him explaining what a plunger is for and why she couldn't put it on her head and how sad her voice sounded that her hat was going away. It was a very funny conversation for a bystander, especially one who was glad not to be on the instructing end of the conversation.

And so, like any good mother, I just sat there and laughed. And laughed. And offered no helpful suggestion or words to back up what my little girl's Daddy was telling her, other than my muffled laughter. (And I just hope that laughter doesn't come back to get me one of these days when she tries to use the plunger and THEN remembers that it is her long lost hat...)

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Catherine said...

Thank goodness it was a new plunger! I was a little concerned when I saw the picture but hadn't read the post yet.