Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summer Fun

Eliana wasn't so much interested in the sprinkler ball, as fun as it looks...

But where there is water, we must make time for rainboots and umbrellas. It's particularly fashionable when you're wearing a swimsuit and coverup skirt. Not to mention cute.

And while we're out ignoring the oh-so-fun sprinkler ball, might as well have fun with a step stool. Really... who wants to play with all the toys around when there's a stepstool to climb on??

Hope you're all having summer fun! With 16 hours of sunlight a day, we certainly are! Ahhh... Summer in Montana!


Susan Beth said...

Those are some award winning pages in the making! And good justification for not scrapping "in order" because i would not be able to resist getting those done a.s.a.p. In fact, if you don't do them, I will! Yes, that is a threat!

The Musician said...

16 hours!! of sun!! What? I showed Matt your blog as incentive for us to come visit... His response? Can we move there? LOL. Maybe. Lets start with visiting friends! Maybe after the baby gets here!