Saturday, July 19, 2008

Look Who's 2!!

Shocking, isn't it?? It's hard to believe that Eliana turns 2 today. It just doesn't seem like she's been a part of our family for two years now! But she has, and time has flown, and today we will be celebrating with a PARTY! Some friends, some family... it should be fun!

We celebrated her birthday a little earlier in the week while Mommom and Poppy were still here, too. We got an ice cream cake and she got to open her gifts from Mommom and Poppy. Though it wasn't her first birthday cake, her response to it was still precious. For one, she could actually blow out the candle this year. What a big girl!

Then she bit into the cake and realized it was not cake, but ice cream! She gave us a shocked look (see the photo above!) then a full body shudder and an exclamation of "Brrrr! Cold ice cream!" It was too funny. So funny, in fact, that little-miss-drama-queen repeated her performance and gave us another shudder and "Brrr!" Such a little ham! Despite the shock of ice cream instead of a cake, she didn't waste any time digging in and enjoying her birthday treat!

Happy Birthday, Eliana! We love you!!


Dana said...

oh cutie!

Ivy Six-Pack said...

Happy Birthday!

Susan Beth said...

Oh gosh! She is so cute! Love that flowing outfit in the last pic! Girls must be so fun to dress!