Friday, July 04, 2008

Park Play

Ellie and I have been to Bogert park a couple times in the past month after hiking. It's a nice park, right across the street from Peet's Hill, and it's a good place to play. We don't actually make it to many parks except for the one at the school in our subdivision, so it's always a treat to get to play someplace new. I like that they have a "little kids" play area separate from the big slides and climbing toys for the "over 5" crowd. On this particular day, though, Ellie mostly wanted to swing. Oh, how she loves to swing...

I'm sure we'll be back again sometime. Maybe we'll even make it to the Farmer's Market there some Tuesday night. It's on my to-do list and at least I know Ellie will have fun if we go.

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