Saturday, July 05, 2008

And now for some FIREWORKS!

We hiked partway up to the M to see the fireworks this year. I think next year we'll go to Peet's Hill to see them. Either way, we should remember to bring a flashlight next time. It's sort of hard to head down the trail in the dark! Poor Ellie was very tired and decided that she is scared of fireworks. She'd cover her eyes and refuse to look at them and cried to go back home. It wasn't the noise (we were pretty far away), she just decided she didn't like them. I think she was just really really tired. She finally settled for laying in my lap and snuggling, so I can't complain too much! I don't get that sort of treatment very much, and I savored every moment of it. The fact that I got to watch the fireworks while spending such snuggly time with my baby was just an added bonus. =D Here are the fireworks over Bozeman... (click on a picture to go to the picasa album to see more.)

And pretty much as soon as we started on the road home, this is what Ellie looked like:


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Christina said...

Amazing photos!
Your pic of Eliana is exactly what Natali looked like on our way home from shooting off fireworks at Josh's parents' home. :) Glad you are doing well!