Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Getaway: Part III

After driving around MT and WY for a couple days, we met up with Leif's family for a Father's Day lunch and a trip to the zoo. We did the same thing last year, too, and figured Eliana would be more excited about the zoo this time around. We were right. It started with gawking at the peacocks...

and visiting the bald eagles...

and Ellie was tired by this point in the day (as she hadn't had a nap yet) so she rode in the stroller.

She rode in the stroller, that is, until she saw these guys:

Then she had to get out and get a closer look. She LOVED the tiger and had a blast running around waiting for it to come by the window again.

She walked for a while after that, and got to spend some quality time with Uncle Eric, looking at the animals.

We saw the red pandas...

And Ellie made sure to point out to Daddy the things she was seeing.

Then we headed to the wetlands exhibit where Ellie and Grammee fed the ducks while the others just relaxed and enjoyed the afternoon together.

The zoo closed after not too long and we headed down the road for our 2 hour drive home. We enjoyed our view of the Crazy Mountains on the way and decided that this was the most relaxing weekend we'd had in a very long time. It was good.

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