Saturday, June 14, 2008

What's your name?

Up until recently, if you asked Ellie what her name was, she'd tell you "Ellie". It's what we call her most of the time and it's what she calls herself. Lately, though, we've been working on getting her to say "Eliana". She can't quite pronounce it right yet, but now when you ask her what he name is, she will sometimes tell you "Eleeena", skipping over the "a". It's cute.

The other day we were talking with someone and she asked what Eliana's middle name was. I said Leiveka and then there was the subsequent conversation about the name "Eliana Leiveka". Now if you ask Ellie what her name is she is likely to tell you it's "Eleeka". It's her shortened version of Eliana Leiveka. Pretty funny.

Ask her too many times what her name is, though, and she'll tell you it's "No."


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