Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ellie's First Trip to the Zoo

For Father's Day we went to Billings for lunch with Leif's family. Then we went to Zoo Montana. Fathers got in free, and we'd been wanting to see the zoo, so we took Ellie for her first zoo outing. Zoo Montana is different from other zoos in that it only has animals that are native to our latitude. So there were no elephants or giraffes, but we did see a Siberian Tiger and Red Pandas. The zoo is open year round since the animals' native habitat has similar weather patterns to our own and don't need to be kept in overwintering pens during the cold months. The zoo has paths that wind around through native plant gardens and exhibits. It was really relaxing to spend an afternoon walking around there, which is different from my experiences at other zoos. Most of the zoos I've been to leave me hot, tired, and cranky by the time we go home. This one was different and I dare say we'd be willing to go back there again sometime. It was a nice way to spend Father's Day with the family.

Some of these pictures still need to be edited (for darkness, etc.) but they are some of my favorites from that day:

Ellie was sort of confused by the iguana aquarium in the welcome center at the zoo.

One of the peacocks at the barn was doing a little dance with his tail all spread out, so we had Uncle Eric take some pictures of Ellie by it. I've never seen a peacock with his tail out like that in real life - it was stunning! He let us get really close to him, too...!

Ellie and Daddy enjoyed looking at the big horn sheep display. Ellie preferred sitting on Daddy's shoulders to riding in her stroller. I think Leif preferred it, too.

I thought this was the cutest little river otter! He was one of the last animals we saw, but I'm glad we stopped to look on our way out.

All in all, it was a good day. Nice weather, nice zoo, and a fun outing with family.

Eliana walking with Uncle Eric and Daddy.


Anonymous said...

What a fun day! Make sure you bring passports/birth certificates when you make your way out here - maybe we can head to the zoo just over the border - it's WAY LARGER than we thought (it looks so tiny from the road) and although there are no elephants (much to my dismay) there are lots of other fun animals! Great photos, too.... esp. of that iguana! - Tam

Jenn said...

What fun pics - glad you had a great time. We're not family, but we'd love to meet you there some time. Tim and Nicole will be out here in a few weeks - maybe we can get together!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Eliana's reaction to the peacock was better than this guy's: