Monday, June 30, 2008

Hiking the Letter M

Last week we decided to go on a family hike one evening. We started out at the Fish Technology Center, but decided the trail was too mosquitoey so we headed across the road to hike the M instead. The whole drive out to the area Ellie was pretty excited. She spotted something up on the hill and then pointed at it saying, "Letter M!! Letter M!!" It was really cute. We didn't even point it out to her. She managed to walk just about the whole way up to the M, which is impressive, because it's a mile and a half uphill. But she did it, and she did a good job staying on the trail and not being too slow. When we finally got to the M Ellie was ready for a little rest and something to drink. Oh, and some time enjoying the view before we headed back down.

The hike is pretty this time of year. The wildflowers were abundant and everything was yellow and purple as far as we could see.

Along the way down the trail Ellie kept slipping and tripping on the sandy trail, so we sat down for a bit to give her scraped knee a rest and she decided that we ought to switch hats. She was very silly about it!

Because Ellie kept tripping and slipping she was carried by Leif most of the way down. She was pretty tired, too.

We walked home to the sunset and enjoyed the view, the flowers, and the contrails in the sky. Pretty nice way to spend the evening as a family if you ask me!


Susan Beth said...

Stunning photos! Great to see so many posts! Sounds like you guys are having a great time.

Dana said...

we're saving for a family vacation and just so you know, you guys (and the scenery) are our first destination ;)

Taylor said...

Breathtaking pictures - makes me miss hiking!

Christina said...

Your pictures look fake they are so beautiful and amazing!!!! I bet Eliana will be glad to have such great photos to look back on.