Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ellie saw her first movie in a theater yesterday. Leif was gone hiking with a friend, so Taylor and I took the Ellie and Corinne garage sale-ing. Afterwards Taylor suggested we take the girls to see the new Disney movie WALL*E. Neither of the girls had ever seen a movie in the theater before, so we sat close to an exit just in case! They did get a bit wiggly halfway to three quarters of the way through the movie, but in general they did very well! Ellie sat in her own seat (once she figured out how to sit so it didn't fold up on her!) and ate popcorn through most of the movie. A couple times she settled for sitting on my lap when the movie lost her attention, and there was a stretch there where she kept trying to sit on the floor despite my attempt to convince her that it was dirty and she shouldn't sit there. She didn't cry out at all or disrupt the movie, except a couple times when she pointed to the screen and said, "WALL*E broke it!!" She was very concerned when things "broke" during the movie. Considering the main character was an antiquated trash compacter who kept spare parts for himself on hand, that happened a few times. The other disturbance wasn't so big as it was cute, and I don't think the disturbee minded too much. Ellie managed to sneak herself over a couple seats (next to Taylor's seat) and tapped the man in front of her on the shoulder and asked him, "You see WALL*E too?" He just grinned as I pulled her shirt to get her to come back to me and then went back to watching the movie with his kids. But Ellie liked it. I think if the animation had been a little more "cartoony" looking it would have held her attention better, but all in all it was a good experience. When we left the theater I asked her if she liked the movie and she said yes. I asked what movie we had seen and she said, "WALL*E!!" and when I asked what the movie was about she very seriously said, "WALL*E broke it." That was apparently what she remembered most of all!

WALL*E was a cute movie. It definitely has environmental under (or over?) tones to it, but it was cute. I think I would have preferred Horton Hears A Who as Ellie's first theater movie, but we missed that opportunity and this made for a fun afternoon.

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