Monday, February 04, 2008

Yup, She's sick.

Well, after a trip to the doctor's office this morning we've confirmed that she's sick. Poor girl. Dr. Benda is out of town on a missions trip right now, so we saw a different doctor from the same office. He had a 4th year med student observing with him today, and Ellie just stole her heart! When she left the room Ellie said, "Bye bye!" and blew her a kiss, which made her declare that Ellie was the sweetest little thing and her favorite patient yet. And really, Ellie did very well. She let them take her temperature (which was down from the 101 it had been all weekend) and look in her ears and listen to her chest and poke on her belly. She did very well and they said she was a perfect patient. It seems she's got a combination of a really bad cold (which has left a little gunk in her lungs, making her coughs horrible and her breathing raspy) and an ear infection. He said that if she didn't have an ear infection, he'd order chest x-rays to check on the congestion there, but since the ear infection has to be treated anyway, the respiratory junk may clear up with the antibiotics, too. If it doesn't or it gets worse, we'll go back, but right now she's on amoxocillin for the ear infection and we're hoping it does the trick on her respiratory gunk, too. The good news is that she's "dripping from everywhere" (in the doctor's words) so she's well hydrated. I never thought of that much snot and drool as a good thing, but I guess it's something to be thankful for!

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Christina said...

So sorry for little Ellie!! Hope she gets better soon and maybe she won't pass it along to everyone else!