Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ellie's first snowman, a photo essay

It was 50 today, which really softened up and compacted the snow in our yard. That was sufficient justification for building a snowman. The balls rolled up and stuck together so easily that I got carried away and made three. Our yard's new enough that we don't have trees large enough to give their branches for arms. We only had baby carrots in the fridge. The snowmen were too fat for our coats. So we called the snowmen done as simple blobs.

In case you're wondering, 50 degrees in Montana is always a good excuse to break out the shorts.


Christina said...

All I have to say is Amazing... that snow and snowman is Amazing.

Jenn said...

Great snowmen...maybe a scarf? I'm not so sure you convinced me it was warm enough to wear shorts. Ellie's cheeks sure said it was chilly!

Dana said...

funny, i didn't even notice the shorts. :)