Friday, February 01, 2008

Ellie's Toddler Bed...

In a fit of craziness, I moved Ellie's toddler bed up to her room from the basement yesterday. I fully intended to let Leif move it, or help him move it, or something, but inspiration hit and I did it by myself. So last night we decided to see how Ellie would do sleeping in the bed instead of her crib.

She has been wanting to climb into her crib by herself, but until two days ago wasn't able. Now she can, but not without some precarious perching! So I thought perhaps she's ready for a toddler bed so that she can get in by herself and feel like a big girl.

Of course, it does mean that she can get out by herself, but we pretty much accepted that whenever we tried to move her to a toddler bed she would get up at least a few nights. It's a process and we're ready to accept that. At least she can't open the door to her bedroom yet, so she's still contained to some degree.

So Leif tucked her in,

kissed her goodnight,

and as soon as we walked away, she popped right back up!

She laid back down and we left. We could hear her moving around in there, and she got up a few times. Leif put her back in bed once, and then we decided just to let her get used to the idea and see where it would go. After quite a while (we could hear her playing with things in there) we heard her knock knock on the door. She wasn't crying, but she was tired and definitely ready to go to bed... in her crib. So we put her down for the night in the crib and she slept until 10 this morning when I decided to wake her up!

When I put her down for her afternoon nap I asked if she wanted to sleep in the bed or crib. She told me crib. So it may take a while for her to get used to the idea of sleeping in the bed, but she'll get there eventually. She props her feet up on the crib rungs to go to sleep, though, and I think she was missing that with the toddler bed.

As a side note, all morning Ellie was pointing to or holding her belly saying, "Hurts, hurts" (but not crying or upset or visibly in pain) and I don't think she's been feeling well. I poked around on her belly a bit and didn't feel anything concerning, and she didn't seem to be in any pain when I poked around. I'm hoping a little sleep will do her some good and she'll be feeling better soon.

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