Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sorry I'm slow... and others.

Just a few funny things Ellie said yesterday...

Erika and Zoe came over for a playdate and Ellie was holding Erika's hand while walking down the stairs. At one point she stopped and looked at Erika and said, "Sorry I'm slow." then kept on walking. It was hilarious!

Then at lunch Leif asked Ellie where her milk was. She stopped for a moment, then said, "I'll be right back!" and ran off to her room for a bit before emerging with her cup!

And last night while Ellie was in the bathtub, Leif got the humidifier and filled it up. When he went to put it back in her bedroom, he said, "I'll be back." and she called after him, "Get a towel!" We had friends over for dinner and we all just cracked up laughing!

Every day is a new adventure with her and her little phrases just make me laugh. I'm sure they get tiring for all of you to read each day, but I want to make sure I don't forget them! She learns things so quickly and I'm afraid if I blink she'll be on to something new and I will have forgotten the things she just did. After all, my parents tell me it was just yesterday that I was Ellie's age! ;)

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