Thursday, March 01, 2007

Think Spring!

All of you living in warm places, send warm thoughts this way! We got a little more snow today. I can't wait until it gets warm and we can go for walks outside again. I do this every year about this time, but I guess it's the Texas in me - I just think it ought to be warming up by now!

Eliana is now 7.5 months old and she's as sweet as ever. She still isn't crawling, but she's getting closer. She's got two little teeth now (you can JUST barely see them in the picture), and she's getting better at eating solid foods. She LOVES cottage cheese, and she can eat rice puffs and graham crackers. She's not so good at the self-feeding, but on Tuesday night Leif did get her to take a rice puff from him and put it in her mouth successfully. It's the first time she's managed to get one to STAY in her mouth! And today she pulled up to a standing position from sitting in her crib. YAY! She was pretty proud of herself, and I was too. She has become quite proficient in playing with the pop-up toy Mommom and Poppy gave her for Christmas, also. She's such a busy little girl and she certainly keeps me on my toes!

And speaking of Mommom and Poppy, Ellie and I are headed to Texas in a week and a half! YAY! We'll get to stay and visit for about 10 days and I am very excited about it.


Dana said...

you'll need to take eliana to the daffodil place in gladewater for some "warm-spring" pics! :)

Elizabeth Wickland said...

*GASP!* Wouldn't pictures there be ADORABLE!? I might have to do it. I have pics from my roommates and I there in college. Great idea! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

what a DARLING photo!!! and i think that's awesome that you get to go see your family AGAIN! how cool! we got some snow last night and this morning again, too, so we're right there with ya! - tam

J said...

man, it has been in the 70's here and sunny! I wanted to let you know that I took off Monday, March 12 so I will be at my parents' house in Kilgore that day. Give me a call/email and let me know your schedule!! Would love to see Eliana!!!

Dana said...

yeah, i already told dave that we gotta get over there for pics two... we always miss the bloom season :(

BTW... got your letter today... THANKS :) it was definitely nice to get something "pretty" in the mail (although the usps had beaten up the envelope quite a bit... like there were two holes in it... but i don't think they were big enough for anything to fall out) call me when you get in so we can get together (especially since i don't have a ton to do ;)